Stock warrant endorsements

A different take on endorsements compared to the classic “post and get paid”


At OMNIA Entertainment LLC, we seek influencers and endorsers to brands and companies that we are taking public. We let you become part of the brands that you are representing by offering you stock warrants in the companies. This allows you access to a much higher upside and payday. Your role is letting the world know about the products and services of these companies, just like any other endorsement contract, just with a considerable larger payday in the end. Because we are taking the companies public you both get a liquid pay cheque and a potential huge upside.


It is a known fact, that in today’s world run by social media, a company that is not worth a lot, suddenly can become a huge brand – simply by having the right influencer with enough followers. Basically, it is up to you as the influencer how much you want to earn, all depending on how much you make yourself associated with the brand. One of the most lucrative endorsement deals in history was signed by 50 Cent where part of his pay included a small percentage of Vitamin Water. That deal gave 50 Cent over USD 100 million for being the face of the brand!


At the end of the day, you carry the key to success by saying yes to the right product – one you can actually relate to. Furthermore, we carefully select the companies and their products that we offer to endorsers and influencers – we, too want to relate to the products that we are involved in.