Private equity investments

Investing in the entertainment industry

OMNIA Private Equity AG is an investment company established by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneur investing in privately held companies within the entertainment industry, which are looking to skip the endless funding rounds towards success.


Because OMNIA Private Equity is a privately owned investment company, we get to do things our own way. OMNIA is build with the specific focus of not having any equity investors or limited partners ourselves, and no external credit committee or others having to approve our investments – meaning that we have no bosses to satisfy, and as the company owner you are only working with us. The entertainment companies, which we invest, in becomes part of our own portfolio, and since we are not a fund we do not have to exit within five to ten years, but we will plan the future together with you. This makes our investment model transparent and honest.

We are highly skilled in finding rapidly growing companies that we can help towards even more growth and value. We are not traditional investors or bankers with a paycheck and a "fly on the wall"-attitude, participating as “dead board members” at yearly board meetings. We see a huge potential in the companies we invest in, the DNA and skills of these companies, as well as the owners’ and employees’ ability to do business.


We understand that you are entrepreneurs, and that your companies are your lifeblood – you want to keep your company and continue to run it. As the owner of an SME you would also like to have the same possibilities that bigger companies enjoy in order to expand your company or maybe cash in a little to have some more freedom or to improve your lifestyle. At OMNIA, we do not believe in selling your company and sit back with cash in the bank. 

Therefore, we have created a financial model with entrepreneurs in mind. By being part of our listed holding company, your company get all the benefits of a listed company – this means no more frustrating meetings with the banks, and no more meetings with investors who will try to run your company. We are the silent investor supporting you when needed, but with no intentions to be part of board meetings and telling you how to run your company. We know that you know best when it comes to running your company.

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