Our subsidiaries

Creating synergy between the subsidiaries of OMNIA Global

At OMNIA, the subsidiaries are not only individually run units, but they are closely related throughout their individual contributions as well as the synergy effects among them.

OMNIA Private Equity AG

An investment company established by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneur investing in privately held companies looking to skip the endless funding rounds towards success.


OMNIA Bonds II plc

OMNIA Bonds II plc raises capital which is secured against high value assets such as fine art, car collections, etc. The funds raised are used to fund investments made by OMNIA Private Equity AG.


OMNIA Asset Solutions

An asset management company offering private individuals and corporations cash flow opportunities through leveraging their luxury assets of high value, such as fine art, classic cars and precious stones or metals.


OMNIA Entertainment LLC

An innovative player within the entertainment industry providing unique strategies for alternative funding and private equity investments.



A non-conservative multi-family office offering a wide range of client-specific and high-end solutions to high net worth individuals, companies and entrepreneurs.


OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd.

A unique yacht chartering and investment company bringing new aspects to the yacht industry with our alternative approach to financing and chartering.


OMNIA Properties

A real estate investment company focusing on investing in real estate companies driven by entrepreneurs.


OMNIA Capital Ltd.

An innovative investment company within alternative financing offering asset-backed lending, structured collateral and project funding for our clients.